5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a lot more to digital marketing that meets the eye. Get the wrong company to help you with your campaigns and you’re bound to notice the repercussions in record time. Even some of the big brands out there have fallen prey to the pitfalls of digital marketing so, as a small business, if you’re wondering how you can step around this and take your business up a notch, here’s what you need to avoid:

Cheap SEO Agency

You found a cheap SEO agency and thought this is a great way to cut costs- everything seems to be going fine, your digital marketing plan seems great and you’re spending a minimal amount of money too. Until suddenly you’re not. With the change in algorithm, shady techniques like artificial posts, terrible content and too many keywords can ruin your website’s chances of prospering. Investing in the wrong company can give you short term benefits, sure, but you’re in it for the long haul so make sure you go for the best SEO services in Geelong.

Unnatural Links

Building unnatural links can actually put you in Google’s bad graces. At its worst, you’ll find that Google could pull your website from the rankings and as a small business in a world of digital advancement, this is the worst thing that could happen for your business’ potential. Each website needs good links- it needs good links coming both in and out of the site. Underhand moves like paying for links or inserting your links on low quality directories are considered unnatural links! So, make sure you invest a lot in quality. This way you’ll get natural links with people who actually want to link to your content.

Doorway Pages

A doorway page is essentially a fake webpage that only exists to direct more traffic towards the website. This is something that doesn’t go down well with Google because it’s obviously not quality content that the consumers think they’re signing up for when they click. Once again, the penalty would require you working pretty hard to get back up on the rankings and this could destroy your business.

Poor Code

Down to more technical aspects. A single line of poor code can spell a massive drop in traffic if you’re not careful. Faulty code could result in major search engines ignoring the relevant pages. It’s an easy fix but getting back up the rankings is a long climb. So, make sure that your techies are sound in their work and they don’t mess up the code. If they do, the website goes down.

User-Generated Content

Having a section for comments, reviews etc. on blogs and forums is great. It definitely ups your trustworthiness but spam from ‘users’ (bots) due to lack of proper management can get you into trouble. So for any section that deals with users posting their own content, make sure you moderate it or you really have no control over your own website.

These are the most common mistakes you need to avoid when devising your digital marketing strategy!

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